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How to invest your retirement savings is an important—and often overwhelming—part of your overall strategy. But it doesn’t have to be. We counsel our clients to start with a well-diversified portfolio and avoid the temptation to chase the latest high-flying sector or mutual fund.

Target-date funds are all-in-one retirement solutions that offer this diversification, but with a twist. These funds automatically adjust their asset mix over time as you get closer to retirement.

They start out with an asset allocation that is geared towards growth (i.e. more in equities) in the accumulation phase and then slowly "step down" to a more conservative allocation (i.e. gradually allocating more to bonds and cash) as retirement approaches.

And this is all done automatically.

To select the fund that is appropriate, you just choose the fund with the date closest to your desired retirement date.

Target date funds can help eliminate the stress of determining the best way to invest for retirement. We believe they’re an ideal solution because their portfolio construction is very sophisticated and robust, but their ease of use and understanding is relatively simple.

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